So, just the last week, I tuned into the Coldplay channel on YouTube and watched the video of their new song- The Hymn for the weekend. Since, I could gather that the song has been shot in India, I kept wondering about the locations where the song was shot. But I was totally mesmerized by the song and the music. At the end of the song, I just had goosebumps. I felt the song was that good. And then a friend tells me the song was shot in Mumbai. How did I miss that? Since I have stayed for so long in Mumbai, I couldn’t recognize any of those locations, but well that is hardly an issue.

The next day I see that people are totally blasting Coldplay for their video and showing India in a poor light. People were fuming over the presence of sadhus in saffron robes, Beyonce being portrayed as a Bollywood actress and Sonam Kapoor’s blink and miss appearance. But I don’t get it. Why is it that big a deal?

We are exotic to the foreigners. For them, we will always remain a land of sadhus, snake charmers and movies having elaborate song and dance routine. It’s what’s going to sell the video to videshi masses. Mumbai is hardly what is portrayed in the video. Females in Bollywood hardly dress up like Beyonce does.

So Yes while I do not agree with the version of how India is portrayed. I still do not get the big issue. Its like how our grandparents view the Western culture to be debilitating and a bad influence on Indian culture. Its all about biases. We need to be proud of the beauty portrayed in the video and move on. India is known for the cultural amalgamation. We are the hotpot of culture and that in my opinion is what the video might be all about. Isn’t that something to be proud of. So, that is what we should focus on.

P.S: No one in their right mind would wear jewelry like Beyonce. So, I do not have any idea where they got that jewelry idea from.