I got the opportunity to visit Paris in the first week of December 2015, during the weekend. Even though I love travelling, I was never too excited to visit Paris, because I had heard the French aren’t very welcoming and all that stuff. But over the weekend, Paris made me fall in love with its beauty. The city known for perfumes had me captivated. That was also the first trip when I did not go with friends and instead went with WanderLust Student trips.

Firstly, I visited the Palace of Versailles which might be an architectural paradise for art lovers or so, but it was a bit boring for me. I am not easily interested in paintings, so those aren’t high up on my interest level. But area is pretty and the small lake with ducks playing in it was my highlight of the place.

Along the way, I found some fun travel companies with whom I ended up spending my 2 days in Paris and exploring the Parisian beauty. For me, Catacombs of Paris was an absolute delight. I love anything spooky and seeing the underground remains of millions of people actually made me excited. Yes, something psychologically might be wrong with me.

Working around in the market area of Champs-Élysées and going all the way to the top of Eiffel Tower was a sheer delight.