So over the couple of months, I got completely frustrated of my thesis, of my PhD supervisor and my masters. In short, I needed an adventure. I tried planning trips with my friends but they we hugely unsuccessful as most of the average plans are. Tired of waiting for everyone to agree on a date, or on a place, I decided to embark on a solo trip. People who blogged about it talk about how it changed their lives or their prespectives. My friends themselves went on a solo trip and highly recommended it to me, like its the latest Harry Potter book.

So, emboldened by all these stories, I decided why not? Solo trip shouldn’t be that difficult. As it is, I hate human contact after a certain point. LOL! Just exaggerating. But yes, I find the need for always being in human contact way too annoying. So I started looking for cheap tickets from Netherlands. I went onto sky scanner and started scourging for all the cheap return tickets in any month after July. Sky scanner is like window shopping to me. Sometimes when I get too bored, I just go on sky scanner just for the heck of it to plan a trip in my mind. Of those maybe 20-30% get the light of the day, so you realize now. 

Once I found cheap return tickets to Serbia, on a whimsy, I started looking for cheap flights from Serbia itself. Spending almost 4 hours looking for cheap connecting flights I landed onto the ideal trip plan. That was how my solo trip idea of Eindhoven- Belgrade- Athens- Sofia- Eindhoven came into picture. I booked a solid 16 day trip without telling anyone. All this at just 90€. Thank you, low cost airlines for helping bored people like me get some adventure. Once my tickets were in place, I told my mom. I knew that once the damage is done, there is nothing that she can do to change my mind. Booking tickets was also a way to show my friends who kept saying that I just talk about going to places but don’t actually do it. Haha!! Take that suckers! 😉

Surprisingly, my mom was pretty cool about it. No fuss. Infact she was pretty encouraging. And so was my dad. My parents can be really surprising when it comes to these things. Most excited was my sister. Somehow she loves showing off my travel pictures to her friends. Yep, I can’t understand it.

So booking tickets was the easy part. I didn’t even get a day to live in my bubble when my friend told me that I could have visa troubles seeing as I would no longer be a student in September ( when I would be travelling). Thus followed endless calls to Netherlands embassy or IND. People who answer the phones are so confused about the same rules, it feels like I am back in my college with the confused administrative people. But long story short, I got my visa and the approval to travel and lo behold, I am typing this post while I am in Belgrade. So far my adventures in Belgrade have been mixed. I will be talking about that soon in the next post. 🙂

I believe that planning a trip including where to stay, how to travel and which places to see are extremely important. It comes down to even planning which local joints you can visit for cheap and good food or even for partying. This just makes your travelling easier. So I labored for days, deciding upon an itinerary because I like to be organized. And I believe, that if I go without plan, I’ll just end up wasting my time. I am the kind of person who likes to travel and see as much as possible. Thus, the great itinerary making. Now I have never had to do this myself and always had someone else to rely on for this. For all those people who are geographically challenged like me, this is a great task to accomplish. You have to plan your activities seeing as which places are suitable for that particular day. Not an easy thing to accomplish. Though you have that helps you to make your itinerary, it doesn’t have the option for less travelled places like Belgrade or Sofia. So I used this website to plan my Athens trip, but Belgrade and Sofia was all me, with all the internet research and couch surfing advise I could get.